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Choose A Suitable Steampunk Corset For You

Steampunk Corset has been in fashion for over decades now. They have been crafted in various materials to fit the need of the population; initially, corsets were made out of metal and whalebone. Corsets were introduced in the 1550s by Catherine de ’Medici, wife of King Henry II of France. She banned wide waists at the court, and as a result, corsets were introduced and have stuck around for almost 350 years now. The fashion industry has experienced an evolution over the last three decades, and so have the corsets.

Burvogue is a popular name in the fashion industry and they cater to a wide range of corsets, both in terms of design and fabric. In contemporary times, corsets come in different styles, colours and designs. Various fabrics have been experimented with to give corsets the best fit.

Corsets are designed in various fabrics to cater to all the fashion needs of the masses, and also to suit various body types. Popular corset materials include satin, mesh, cotton, leather and brocade, and BurVogue stocks them all; satin for enhancing hourglass figures, and leather and brocade for the stylish looks that require corsets to be worn over the dresses, whereas cotton and mesh are recommended for a warmer weather.

Corsets come in various designs; the basic ones are below the bust, or over the bust corsets. Each class is further divided into many other designs to cater to individual needs and can be found at Burvogue. Of the many designs, steampunk corsets are basically over bust corsets worn alone or with a frilly shirt.

These corsets are ideal for achieving retro looks by pairing them with skirts, or high waist pants and boots. A retro hat and chunky jewelry would add the finishing touches and would be ideal for the overall look. The steampunk corsets can be easily found at Burvogue at a very reasonable price. In fact, Burvogue is a wholesaler for corsets and offers the best prices and deals for their online customers.